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  • I have been in business for over 25 years. I have tried many forms of marketing over the years: print, YellowPages, and online advertising. At the end of the day it has been word of mouth that has got me to where I am today. I am looking to grow my business, increase my... [more]

    Sheldon Oliver
  • I had been using yellow pages and other online companies that were based outside of Edmonton. I decided to go with JumpDEMAND because they are a local company. It is nice to deal with someone you can meet in person. As a local company, JumpDEMAND provides a personalized... [more]

    Jim Vreungdenhil
  • After working with many other forms of advertising, like Radio, Yellow Pages, etc, we were finding the results ranged from difficult to measure to no results to measure. We chose JumpDEMAND as our Demand Generation partner because we liked their approach: Measurable Results.... [more]

    John Jubenville
  • Aspen Landscaping is a family run business that focuses on delivering exceptional landscaping, deck building, and fence construction projects. We were looking for an online marketing solution to help to grow our business. We chose JumpDEMAND because they are a local company... [more]

    Grant Kleine
  • We are looking to make a significant step change in the number of class registrations we currently have. From a marketing perspective we have tried many things: YellowPages, billboards, bought ads etc.; we were not getting the results we were looking for. We chose JumpDEMAND... [more]

    Doug Kim
  • When we first starting investigating possible marketing strategies and firms to work with JumpDEMAND really stood out as an ideal partner for DTE.  With JumpDEMAND we get the whole package: Domain, Marketing and Sales Expertise along with the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing... [more]

    Tom Waters
  • SGMA has a unique approach to Martial Arts instruction. We not only have a lot of fun, we are serious about the technical aspects of training students. As such, our business is seeing exceptional retention rates. To drive our next stage of business growth I was looking for a... [more]

    Paul Thibault
  • I had been spending a lot on print advertising with companies like YellowPages and I was not getting the results. I chose JumpDEMAND for one reason: they deliver. I have been using their demand generation services for several years now and have confidently recommended... [more]

    Steve Bartley
  • I had tried using online advertising companies and was not happy with the results. I decided to switch from an online advertising company to a demand generation company on the advice of a trusted colleague. I chose JumpDEMAND because they are local and come highly recommended... [more]

    Rodrigo Resende
  • I have been in business since 1999. I found that providing an exceptional customer experience is key to keep membership renewals year after year. The challenge is bringing new people. Yes, word of mouth gets you some people, but to truly drive the business growth, I recognize... [more]

    Thai Le
  • JumpDEMAND came highly recommended. Yellow Pencil has been growing at a healthy pace. For our next stage of growth we were looking to partner with a strategy firm that had a great deal of experience in sales process development and marketing automation integration. JumpDEMAND... [more]

    Paul Bellows
  • We have tried many forms of marketing to help drive our business:Yellow Pages, on-site signage, we even built a website. The results were always the same: the majority of our new business came as a result of the great work we were doing. In order to truly drive the business... [more]

    Amir Mazor
  • In Australia the Energy Metering Products segment is highly competitive. This combined with a global focus on Environmental change and the related local regulation responses have created market conditions where differentiating ones offering is critical. We had considered... [more]

    Beverly Meehan
  • We have tried may forms of marketing: Radio, Road Signs, etc. The results were always the same: we spent money, we were not able to see any measurable improvement to our business. Even worse, we found it extremely difficult to communicate our vision to technical folks.... [more]

    Kevin McGillivray
  • I tried other marketing companies, but they were not capable of helping me reach my business goals of increasing my student enrollment targets. Being a new martial arts school means demand generation is very important to me.  JumpDEMAND has the technology and experience... [more]

    Chris Heiser
  • As a system integrator, we strive to fully understand the business needs behind our client's projects. We then turn that understanding into solutions that deliver true value to all stakeholders. JumpDEMAND fully understands our business and has the knowledge, experience and... [more]

    Ryan Plester
  • I had been looking for a way to gain more customers quickly. I was not getting the results I was looking for from my previous marketing investments with the YellowPages and other similar print advertising companies. I liked the fact that JumpDEMAND are local. It is nice to... [more]

    Roger Rensen
  • Alberta Rockies Adventures is a Travel Alberta sponsored initiative that is designed to help people get the most out of the Alberta Rockies. Although the initiative helps people worldwide experience the traditional ways of exploring the wilderness, we realized that marketing... [more]

    Susan Feddema-Leonard
  • I have known the folks at JumpDEMAND for many years. I have seen what they can do to drive demand. I trust their abilities; they have a top notch technology platform. When it came to driving demand for my products, the first people I thought of were JumpDEMAND. They are world... [more]

    Mark Hamblin
  • Optimate has a long history of delivering value to our clients in Australia. Selling an Industrial Automation information solution requires significant domain knowledge, significant expertise, and a marketing program that builds client trust early in the engagement.... [more]

    Richard Muniz
  • “I have known the team at JumpDEMAND for many years. They not only have exceptional marketing automation technology, they have a depth of knowledge in growing Industrial Automation Product businesses. JumpDEMAND know the Industrial Automation industry, have a proven track... [more]

    Ron DeSerranno
  • Manta Test Systems have been providing Protection & Control Engineers with intelligent testing systems for over 30 years. As with testing technology, marketing has evolved over the years as well. To take our business to the next level, JumpDEMAND was the clear winner. The... [more]

    Rob Stewart
  • DMS iTech is a premier Outsourced IT provider. We help our clients focus on their strategic core competencies by providing them with a secure, accessible, available IT foundation. We were looking to drive our business growth and hence decided to outsource our marketing. We,... [more]

    Marc Driessen

JumpDEMAND is an “E-Marketing as a Service” provider that helps accelerate your businesses revenue. JumpDEMAND leverages advanced e-marketing strategies, marketing automation technology, and sales management expertise to help your customers find your business online, demand your products, and keep purchasing from only you.

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Internet lead generation is a complicated process for many B2B firms.

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